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Our New Demo Reel

Well, it’s taken me quite awhile to get to this…but I’ve finally put together our first demo reel for Video Production by Paul Crane. Thanks Gibbons for the polite push.

The reel is a look back at some of our work during the last year or so. It is also a way to say thank you to the individuals and businesses that approached us for their video projects. Such as Creative Entourage, St. Louis County Library, Maryville University, The Food Pedaler, Gamlin Whiskey House, Falk Harrison, Junior Venture, MB Technology Solutions, The National Benevolent Association and many more. Thank you for an awesome 2014 and we look forward to many more awesome videos together.

Enjoy ūüôā

Our New Office at TechArtista

Screen-Shot-2014-08-08-at-10.11.39-AMWe just recently moved into a new office space at TechArtista…and it is pretty awesome! The TechArtista team has created an eclectic and energetic environment here that is fun but still conducive to gettin shit done, word.

I have tried coworking before but there’s clearly something different about what they’ve created here. Also, it’s located in the heart of Central West End so it’s hard to lose there. There are tons of other creative individuals and companies here that are doing really interesting things and I’m glad Eric and Chris and TechArtista reached out to me. It’s a perfect fit.

Oh yeah…be on the lookout for some sweet TechArtista videos on the way(spoiler alert).

National Benevolent Association: XPLOR Residents in Ohio

We recently filmed The National Benevolent Association’s XPLOR Program in Ohio. This program is pretty impressive and so are the XPLOR Residents that we filmed. This video shows how these young adults have enjoyed their time so far in the XPLOR Program, what they have learned, and where they see themselves going in the future.

Chemex Pour Over @ Kaldi’s Coffee

Chemex Pour Over – Kaldi’s Coffee

Tony Auger, roaster and quality assurance technician at¬†Kaldi’s Coffee, demonstrates how to brew delicious coffee with the Chemex. ¬†Tony prefers the Chemex over all other Pour Over brewing methods. ¬†Check out this latest Kaldi’s video to learn how to brew with a Chemex.

For written instructions to follow along with, check out Kaldi’s Chemex post.

National Benevolent Association – EXPLOR Program

NBA EXPLOR Residency Program

Just wrapped shooting a collection of videos for the National Benevolent Association.  This faith-based non-profit launched their new EXPLOR Residency program this year, a program that connects young adults with non-profit internships for almost a year.

For these videos, we wanted to show what the EXPLOR program is all about and why these young adults chose to sign up for this intense and fulfilling program.

Cucina Pazzo

Cucina Pazzo takes over Duff’s

Cucina Pazzo is the fantastic new restaurant which replaced Duff’s. Duff’s was for a long time a famous staple of Central West End. Cucina Pazzo was aware of the big shoes they had to fill but with their amazing menu I think the neighbors are just fine with the switch.

Cucina is the creation of executive chef and part owner Justin Haifly. Justin has worked all over the world and has returned to his hometown to open his own restaurant. The menu, the decor, the employess – everything about Cucina is wonderful.

In this video, I wanted to have the Cucina team talk about taking over Duff’s, working in the CWE and what makes Cucina Pazzo a great restaurant. The restaurant is beautiful and I especially loved filming the cooks since the kitchen completely exposed for the diners to watch the action.

Thanks so much to Justin and everyone else at Cucina Pazzo for their hospitality and generosity. It was a pleasure to help you share your story with St. Louis.

Maryville University: I AM MARYVILLE

Maryville University connects with Alumni

Maryville wanted to create a campaign to raise donations from Maryville Alumni. We connected and decided to make several videos with students, professors and alumni talking about the school they love so much.

The entire experience was fantastic. Everyone involved helped make this production run very smoothly. All the interview subjects were a complete pleasure to interview and all did a great job sharing their experience at Maryville University. In total, we created 4 seperate videos that were pumped out each week over a month’s time.

The campaign was a great success and helped Maryville University to reach their goals. Thanks so much to Maryville University, Creative Entourage, Dick Welsch and everyone who participated in this production.

Gamlin Whiskey House

It was a fantastic couple of days filming at Gamlin Whiskey House in the Central West End.

Thanks so much to the Gamlin brothers, Ivy Macgruder, Gilberto Espinosa and everyone else who was so accommodating. The weather was perfect and the restaurant was packed. All the ingredients were available to help make a great video. We couldn’t be happier with how their¬†video turned out. Ivy and Gilberto were fantastic and easy to interview and the decor and design of the place¬†made it very easy to obtain great shots.

Gamlin is a new hotspot in the CWE.¬†It is located on one of the best corners in St. Louis, Euclid and Maryland. ¬†Gamlin Whiskey House is the latest addition by STL restauranteurs, The Gamlin Brothers. Besides having a delicious and creative menu, The Whiskey House¬†boasts having the largest collection of whiskeys at a restaurant in the entire country. Whiskey bars are definitely “in” right now and the Gamlin brothers have executed their newest restaurant beautifully. If you like great food, whiskey and fun atmospheres be sure to pop in to Gamlin Whiskey House.